About ANEC Global

About ANEC Global

ANEC GLOBAL is owned and operated by Integrated Management Services Inc. (IMS) under the flagship of ANEC (All Nations Elite Circle). Linked together by way of mutually beneficial endeavors, ANEC is a membership network connecting members to various industrial partners to achieve common gains.
As a prestigious membership program, IMS-ANEC offers an array of benefits, packages and rewards intended to create a real positive change in the lives of each and every member of this unified community.
Further to its advocacy is creating an innovative way for the members to conveniently adapt to the ever-changing and evolving digital consumerism. As an integrated community of people, IMS-ANEC showcases a much-anticipated fusion among stakeholders through an effortless and remarkable shopping and earning experience.


  • Pioneer a dynamic integration of various economic industries with our full-scale and innovative business models guaranteed to provide competitive advantage and increased revenues among stakeholders.
  • Build, link and bring together an extensive membership network thru a widespread fusion of people from all nations regardless of their social, economic and religious affiliations towards achieving common, economic and mutually beneficial privileges among members.
  • Establish a balanced, well-organized, integrated and optimistic community of people working together to advance common interests hence enjoy the benefits of real change.


  • To constantly adopt to the ever-changing needs of both clients and members, endeavor to establish a well-trained work-force, maintain competitive business advantage and uphold the principle of “profit with honor” and social responsibility.

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