Sell on ANEC Global

Sell on ANEC Global

IMS-ANEC paves the way to establishing a roster of merchants highlighting locally produced products and bringing them together to a market place where the Philippine merchandise takes center stage! With the end- goal of supporting local products, IMS-ANEC also pushes to embrace and preserve Philippine heritage, culture, tradition, and tourism.

Why choose IMS- ANEC to sell your products?

1.) We are a membership community.

Capture a solid community of people and increase your market base as you expand your reach by using a platform solely intended for display of local products online. Through this unique platform, your products become more accessible and easily available to members all over the Philippines and even to Filipinos abroad.

2.) We support and promote local products.

Let your products shine as we help you promote your brand name! Our product lines are essentially categorized and highlighted per region. Your buyers need not dig into the volume of merchandise display, they will know where to find you.

3.) We have steadfast and reliable logistics.

Ship your item easily using our supported logistics which guarantee fast and safe delivery to specified destinations. May it be well-known local food and delicacies, classic handicrafts and fabrics, cultural souvenirs, or any other items, we ensure to keep your product’s safety and quality thru our reliable couriers.

4.) We have 0% seller fee.

Take advantage of 0% seller fee or even 0% commission fee. With our affiliation with trusted partners, we guarantee secured payment options and provide seller assistance to maintain smooth flow of transactions.

5.) We have an easy-to-use and secure system platform.

No need to conceptualize your own marketing strategies or create and maintain your own online system because our platform is your market place!
Whether you operate a small, medium or big enterprise, IMS- ANEC will make your LOCAL products go GLOBAL!